So, how did Elsa Libero come about? Well, I have always loved anything old, anything with a story to tell, items with history and a past which have been lovingly handed down through the generations. Whether it's old houses, having lived in 16th century farmhouses, 1950s bungalows and currently an Edwardian terrace through to old furniture I think it's the whole character and charm of a well worn and loved piece. My home is an eclectic mix of vintage and antique finds from auctions, eBay, charity shops, flea markets etc. 


So my taste in jewellery follows suit in terms of buying an item that has been around a bit and has provenance. One of the other benefits is I feel the craftsmanship is generally such lovely quality and you are far less likely to bump into someone wearing the same item. Also the question of sustainability is obviously appealing.

I have bought items for myself over the years and have been handed down items from my great grandmother, my grandmother and my mum. A few years ago I dabbled in sourcing jewellery items and reluctantly selling them on as a sideline to my main line of work which is as a graphic designer however I was busy and it fell by the wayside due to constantly tight deadlines for my design work. 

And so in the light of the worlds existing crisis and finding myself without work I decided to pursue my love of searching for that special item. Call it serendipity, it was now or never!

I then mentioned my plan to my mum, who also loves vintage and antique jewellery (it's probably come from her in the first place!) and she wanted to join forces with me. Having a bit of 'go with my heart' attitude I thought it would be good to have a steadying influence on the team... so that's Elsa Libero!

I hope you love my items, please get in touch if you have any queries or if you are looking for anything in particular. My taste is fairly eclectic, I don't tend to go for a certain period or style. It really depends on what catches my eye.


Jo & Honore